Giving locally to reach globally

Do you care about refugees? Low-to-moderate income families? Helping kids get access to education and opportunity?

Today, you need to go to and give to Heart House Dallas, an after-school program in the heart of Vickery Meadow in Dallas, Texas. They provide safety, education, and opportunity to kids by providing a meal, homework assistance, and reading help to students whose parents have often fled those horrendous situations you read on the news. Over fifteen languages are represented at Heart House each day, from countries all over the world.

If you give today, this small organization will gain bonus funds as part of North Texas Giving Day. Your gift of $25 or more means these kids spend their afternoon hours receiving the help they need, away from the dangers of sexual predators and violent crime. For more infomration about Heart House, visit Do them a favor. Do yourself a favor.

Give today.


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  1. Thanks babe for supporting our fundraising efforts, I love you more than words…